The Apprend Foundation is in the process of becoming "The Crafting Freedom Institute" by 2020. This website is currently under development and will be completed by Summer 2018. The mission of Apprend and the emerging Crafting Freedom Institute is the same:

To disseminate knowledge and to foster research on 19th century African American history with a focus on teaching K-12 teachers about the institution of slavery and about African Americans who "crafted freedom" and created greater opportunities for themselves and others during the Antebellum period forward.

Our primary audience are K-12 school teachers throughout the United States and their students. A secondary audience is the general public.Through partnerships with schools, universities, museums, historic sites, art and performing art organizations, as well as through collaborations with scholars and educators, the Apprend Foundation/Crafting Freedom Institute offers teacher workshops, fosters research, and provides instructional media and material for K-12 educators to use in their teaching.